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Ron N.

I am simply astonished by what you have built me and find myself armed with a new-found confidence with my irons that I could never have imagined possible. My sincerest thanks to you and Miura & Co. A profoundly, brilliant result. Thank you so very much!

Bob M.

I wanted to take a minute to thank you for consulting with Rich Thibeault regarding the best shaft to order for my new Titleist driver. I immediately felt that the shaft was one that I didn’t feel I had to “fight” in order to hit the ball straight. I appreciate the...

Jim B.

With my Mizuno JPXs I have a tremendous sense of confidence with them. I’m also getting more distance and consistent ball flight.  

Tony N.

Just wanted to say thank you for retro-fitting my clubs. I am hitting them more consistently and the new grips are much more comfortable. Most of all the new 5 wood that you built for me is awesome! I was able to hit it consistently the first time hitting it....

Josh M.

Just went out the first night with the new driver. It did all you said it would. What a difference from the old one. It lands and runs out another 15+ yds.  

Chris C.

Glad to report that I’m very happy with my driver. I am hitting the ball much more consistently and getting good distance.