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Absolute Truths

About Golf, Golf Clubs, Golfers, and Golf Swings

Truth One: If your Golf Clubs are Properly Fitted and if your Golf Swing is sound, then Great Golf is100% mental attitude.
Truth Two: If your Golf Clubs are Properly Fitted and if your Golf Swing needs help, then Great Golf is 65% proper swing and 35% mental attitude..
Truth Three: If your Golf Swing is Sound and if your Golf Clubs are not Properly Fitted, then Golf becomes Frustrating and Less Enjoyable. Then mental aspect has sharp ups and downs and developing a consistent Golf Game is impossible.

Great Golf is Impossible if you do not have:

1. Properly Fitted Golf Clubs
2. A Sound Golf Swing
3. A Positive Mental Attitude

The Swing and Attitude will vary from day to day but the One Constant is Properly Fitted Golf Clubs. No matter if the customer is a beginner or low handicapper, that golfer should consider investing in the one factor which is absolutely necessary

“Can you please make a replicate belly putter to the one you recently put together for me (including the oversized Winn grip and head cover)? I want to add it to my 2nd golf bag. Your putting fitting/lesson, new putter and practice have made a significant improvement in my putting game.”

– Dick S.