Why Kustom Clubs

Over 41 years experience in manufacturing and repairing golf clubs have shown us that 85% of golfers play with equipment that does not fit. Golfers can get more out of their golf game with professionally fitted custom clubs at a price lower than off-the-rack clubs which have been mass produced to fit a generic profile.

Like fingerprints, no two golfers are alike. Most important, with fitted golf clubs, all incorrect variables are eliminated giving you more time to concentrate on improving your swing. Our exclusive D·R·S Fitting System takes into consideration over 35 different variables. A few of the variables we measure include:

Using state of the art computers, Doppler radar and our own personally designed fitting program, D·R·S Fitting System, you can be assured of having the finest professionally fit custom clubs available. Over 35 of variables are considered when creating your individual profile, including height, swing speed, tempo, hand size, and lie angle – just to mention a few. These variables are collected during the fitting, then analyzed to create a blueprint of your perfect fit. Because of our commitment to quality custom clubs, we demand strict controls in the weights and tolerance of our clubs. We weigh each grip, shaft and clubhead. Using our exclusive D·R·S Fitting System we profile each shaft, and hand bend the loft and lie of each club to the particular golfer we are fitting. Unlike the large manufacturers who mass produce assembly line clubs, our golf clubs are individually handcrafted in our shop by “Master Clubfitter Technicians”.

Proper clubfitting is the key to lower scores. Let Kustom Clubs insure a proper fitting to reward your skill. Absolute Truths We will manufacture your “Precision Tuned Instruments” one club at a time unlike mass produced assembly line clubs. Play the same clubs touring professionals worldwide play with, “Professionally Fitted”. Kustom Clubs come with a limited lifetime warranty as long as you own the set.

What follows is a list of the variables we at Kustom Clubs consider when custom fitting your golf clubs. Each item in the list is a link to further description of that variable.

Client Interview

The interview is probably the most important part of the fitting process. This sets up the relationship between the client and the clubfitter with regard to his or her physical considerations, client preference, cost, and where does the client wish to be with their golf game.

Each client is unique and each fitting must reflect this.

Shaft Selection

The second most important variable is shaft selection. The shaft is the only dynamic (moving) part of the golf club. Proper shaft selection will allow the golfer the optimum loading and unloading (stored energy) of the shaft. Properly designed this will yield maximum accuracy and distance. The only method of assuring this outcome is Kustom Clubs ” exclusive D·R·S Fitting System” and “Spine and Torque Tuning”- the ultimate in shaft frequency calibration.

Proper Shaft Length

Length is determined by height, arm length, posture, and golfer ability. Just because the golfer is tall does not mean they need longer clubs. A golfer should play with the longest possible club he/she can handle effectively. Lie also has a lot to do with length. We make sure both work in harmony with the golfer for maximum performance.

Loft and Lie

Lie directly affects accuracy and distance. Off the rack clubs vary as much as 3 degrees from standard in their loft and lie measurements. Simply, a club that is only 2 degrees off lie will miss its target by 28 feet left or right not including sidespin of the golf ball.

Lie is relative to a golfer’s stature and ability. There is only one effective way to measure loft and, and that is through our “Dynamic Ball Flight Lie” evaluation. Loft also offers the golfer the optimum distance through proper adjustment. There is a point of diminishing return. Have you ever held a hose and tried to spray something? You slowly lifted the hose until it had reached your target. At that point the water no longer advanced. That is the “point of diminishing return”.

Swingweight and Static Weight

Swingweight is important when matching club to club as a set. Many golfers put too much emphasis on swingweight and not enough on static weight. With a large enough swingweight scale a telephone pole can be swing weighted to D-2 but the golfer would not be able to lift it. Thus, static and swing weight should be of equal importance when designing golf clubs.

Grip Selection

Grips come in a variety of styles and materials. It is very important that the grip be the correct size, style and material composition to allow the golfer to maintain a firm, yet tension-free, link to the clubhead.

Launch Angle

Proper launch angle is absolute when trying to maximize distance. Independent test have shown that amateur golfers play with too little loft on their drivers.

Ball Spin

Today golf balls are designed to fly higher and stay airborne longer. Optimizing spin rate maximizes ball flight time, thus increasing distance.

Ball Type

We can test you with your current driver or a new fitted driver and recommend the best ball suited for you. Get fit for the perfect ball to maximize distance and accuracy.

Ball Velocity

Ball Velocity is most important. Maximizing your ball velocity is a must to increase distances.

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