Professional Golf Club Fitting, Retro-fitting and Club Repair Services

Kustom Clubs Fitting Studio Services and Fees (By Appointment)

Service Fees
Dynamically Fitted Loft & Lie Analysis $25.00+$5.50 per club adjustment
Adjust Loft or Lie $5.50/per club
Professional Swing Analysis $55.00
Professional Fitting Analysis Irons and Woods (new set or retrofit new set) using our exclusive D-R-S Fitting System.You don’t have to be satisfied with factory built off the rack golf clubs $150.00
Professional Fitting Analysis Iron or Wood $75.00/ea.
USGA Ghin Card Club / Pocket Valley Golf Club $30.00
Golf Lessons – Schedule 1 lesson 45 min. $55.00/ea.
Golf Lessons – Schedule 3 or more lessons 45 min. $50.00/ea.
Putting Lesson – Schedule 1 lesson 45 min. $75.00/ea.    3 or more $55.00/ea.


Basic Putter Fitting Analysis:

Existing Putter Fitting Analysis $35.00 (Analysis of your existing putter with change recommendations check length, loft, lie and grip size 1/2hr). Adjustments additional cost.

Full Putter Fitting $75.00 (Includes analysis of your existing putter and stroke. We will measure 28 key elements on the “Sam Putt Lab” .  Any adjustments needed are an additional cost.

New Putter Fitting Analysis:

New Putter Fitting: New Putter cost + $37.50 (Includes same as full putter fitting).

Characteristics of a proper fit:

8 Putter Fitting Variables

  • Length
  • Loft
  • Lie
  • Offset
  • Swing Weight and Total Weight (feel)
  • Grip Size
  • Head Design
  • Posture

We are experienced on all types of golf club repairs.


We use the highest quality graphite and steel shafts on the market today. See Products page “shafts”


We use a wide variety of rubber, synthetic and cord grips. Matching optimum feel and grip size. See Product page “grips”


Fully experienced in wood and metal wood refinishing, to restore original beauty.


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