Ken’s Bio

Ken Collins received a degree in Mechanical/Architectural Design from Manchester Community College in 1974. With an interest in the game of golf and a mechanical background, Ken was intrigued by the influence the golf club had on a golf ball and began to experiment on his clubs and others as a hobby. Soon he was working 40 hours at his full-time drafting job and another 40 hours on club repair. A local businessman, Jack Hartman, became Ken’s most enthusiastic customer and guided him through an advertising campaign to solicit more customers. In 1979, Ken attended the Irv Schloss School.

After meeting Irv, Ken knew that he wanted to make a career out of clubmaking and repair. In 1980, with his father’s support and influence, Ken purchased the necessary equipment, quit his drafting job and began his own business. Ken’s business moved out of the house in 1984 and into a 600-square-foot shop. By 1986, they had outgrown this facility and moved to the present location of 2400 square feet.

Ken is a Charter Member of the P.C.S., served on the Board of Directors for two terms and has taught seminars on wood refinishing, frequency matching shafts, fitting wedges, and fitting putters to other Professional Clubfitters.

When he was asked to make a statement about his award, Ken said, “Something I have worked so hard for most of my adult life has now become a reality. It’s a dream come true.

Ken is a member and served (2) terms on the Board of Director for the International Clubmakers Guild.

*Article taken from The Professional Clubmakers Society Journal

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