Fitting Center

Performance Based Fitting Studio & Lab


Our high-end performance based fitting studio houses the technology to analyze and create a blueprint of your individual swing characteristics. In our new 720 sq. ft. performance-fitting studio we have state of the art fitting technology that will bring your game to a new level. We have state of the art Doppler radar launch monitors and swing profile computer technology. We also offer golf ball performance evaluation.

Our lab has the technology and certified technicians to analyze your existing golf equipment and find out how your equipment fits your swing. In our lab we also have the ability to professionally build your new golf clubs or re-fit your existing golf clubs or fit you for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) clubs (i.e. Mizuno, Cleveland, and others). Our lab also has the ability to make any type of repair a golf club might need. Experience service and quality since 1975.



Our exclusive D•R•S Fitting System is unlike any other program. All OEM manufacturers use a basic 5-flex program, which categorizes golfers in a generic profile. Our D•R•S Fitting System enables us to fit you with the exact flex your swing requires.


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