Are components better than O.E.M. (Original Equipment Manufacturers) golf clubs?

First let’s define components. There is such a thing as O.E.M. components, which is what we use. They are original designs exclusive to professional clubmakers. Then there are clone or “knock off” components. They use low-grade materials and the specifications are usually very inconsistent.O.E.M. components, which we use, are equal to or better than O.E.M. golf clubs.

What are hybrid golf clubs and should I be using them?

Hybrids are a cross between a fairway wood and a long iron. They have the shape of a smaller wood head and the length of a long iron. They are good for people who struggle with their fairway woods because of the longer length, and they are more forgiving than long irons. Also they launch the ball higher which enables you to hold the green better with long approach shots.

I hit the ball pretty good. Why should I be fitted for golf clubs?

Tour pros hit the ball very good and they all play with fitted golf clubs.

I’m a beginner golfer or a high handicap golfer. Why should I be playing with fitted golf clubs?

There are (2) main components to golf. (1) the swing, (2) the golf equipment. It is hard enough trying to hit the ball, let alone hitting it with poorly fitted equipment. We can eliminate the equipment mistakes, which allows you to concentrate more on your golf swing.

I can’t hit my driver so I just leave it in my bag.

Why? Hitting your driver is an integral part of golf. With our exclusive “D·R·S Fitting System” we can fit you to the correct head design, loft, face angle, length, grip size and shaft design.

What do you mean by “shaft design”?

We measure your clubhead speed, tempo, shaft load and swing release. We input the information into our exclusive software program, which then gives us the correct “shaft design” based on manufacturer, model, flex range and profile.


Why should I be fitted by you, when I can go to a pro shop or off course golf store to get fitted for golf clubs?

There is a big difference between being “sized” for golf clubs and being “professionally fitted”. At off course stores and pro shops you are being sized for golf clubs. They usually cover only 2 or 3 variables. Length, flex and sometimes lie. When professionally fitted by a Certified Professional Clubfitter like Ken Collins at Kustom Clubs Fitting Center we take into consideration over 35 equipment and swing variables.

What is neutralizing a golf shaft?

Contrary to popular belief, all golf shafts are not straight or round. We locate the inherent irregularities to that one shaft. We then locate the dynamic plane property of the shaft and align to the clubhead. The shaft irregularities are “Neutralized” and golf club performance is optimized.

What is MOI?

MOI is moment of inertia. Simply defined it is the resistance to twisting.

A sample of MOI is a figure skater. Watch a figure skater spinning with their arms extended. They spin slower. As they bring their arms closer to their body their spin rate increases. This is MOI.

Should I have my putter fitted?

Absolutely. Your putting game comprises over 42% of your golf score. The key to lower scores is to reduce the number of putts during a the round of golf.

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