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Choose the shaft, length, grip style and size, loft, lie and set make up you want or have them professionally fit in our fitting studio to your specifications.

Starting at $200.00/iron.


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What would you say  if I told you  could lower your scores  in the comfort of your own home.  Well you can.

Studies show 80% of golfers play with a poorly fitted putter.  In fact most golfers buy their putter off the rack and adjust themselves to the poorly fit putter.

If you are serious  about lowering your scores, you must take your putting more serious

Kustom Clubs Fitting Center is offering a program to help you play better golf.

The program cost is $199.00

The program consist of:

· Session on the state of the art  Science and Motion “SAM”  which measures 28 key elements in your putting stroke.

  • three (3) additional lessons in our putting studio.
  • We will fit your putter to the correct length, loft, lie and grip size(cost for adjustments are additional if needed) or we can help you find the putter style that fits your stroke tendencies.
  • We will also give you a series of drills and games to take home make your practice more rewarding and enjoyable.

Once your are properly fit and stroke is analyzed you can practice in the privacy of your own home.

It is also a great Christmas gift for the golfer in your family.

Call or email us if your are serious about “LOWERING YOUR SCORE” this winter.


Mizuno JPX 900 Hot Metal

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Design Details

With the JPX 900 Hot Metal Iron, we set out to Engineer the Longest, Hottest – broad appeal iron we’ve ever made. By utilizing new materials and new methods of construction, we were able to produce an iron with an unmatched level of ball speed.

Tech Specs


  • 15% stronger material than 17-4 pH Stainless steel provides the added strength for our hottest face ever
  • Ultra-thin face combined with our re-engineered CORTECH multi-thickness design provides superior initial ball speed for maximum distance


  • More mass is pushed to the extreme perimeter of the club head for industry leading MOI
  • POWER FRAME geometry is a result of our Harmonic Impact Technology.The rigid POWER FRAME provided an extremely solid impact sound while allowing maximum face rebound.


  • Through complex development techniques we were able to achieve Unitized Cup Face Geometry, delivering a massive COR AREA.
  • Unitized Cup Face Geometry also provides more discretionary weight than welded cup face designs, thus allowing for a deeper CG and greater forgiveness


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The Kuchar Model 1 Arm Lock is designed as a heel toe weighted, face balanced putter with a wider profile. The Model 1 showcases a patented F.I.T. (Feel Impact Technology) face, which removes 55% of material from the face resulting in a remarkably soft feel at impact. This model has already made the winners circle this year at the WGC Match Play Championship and the 2013 Memorial Tournament! The Model 1 Arm Lock style features a double bend shaft with 2.5 shaft offset. This beautiful putter is milled from proprietary Soft Carbon steel and boasts a non-corrosive Pewter P.V.D. finish

All Bettinardi putter models and wedges are available at Kustom Clubs Fitting Center.


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Stephen M.

Ron N.

I am simply astonished by what you have built me and find myself armed with a new-found confidence with my irons that I could never have imagined possible. My sincerest thanks to you and Miura & Co. A profoundly, brilliant result. Thank you so very much!

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Bob M.

I wanted to take a minute to thank you for consulting with Rich Thibeault regarding the best shaft to order for my new Titleist driver. I immediately felt that the shaft was one that I didn’t feel I had to “fight” in order to hit the ball straight. I appreciate the fact that you worked […]

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Jim B.

With my Mizuno JPXs I have a tremendous sense of confidence with them. I’m also getting more distance and consistent ball flight.  

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Tony N.

Just wanted to say thank you for retro-fitting my clubs. I am hitting them more consistently and the new grips are much more comfortable. Most of all the new 5 wood that you built for me is awesome! I was able to hit it consistently the first time hitting it.  

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Josh M.

Just went out the first night with the new driver. It did all you said it would. What a difference from the old one. It lands and runs out another 15+ yds.  

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Chris C.

Glad to report that I’m very happy with my driver. I am hitting the ball much more consistently and getting good distance.  

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Dick S.

Can you please make a replicate belly putter to the one you recently put together for me (including the oversized Winn grip and head cover)? I want to add it to my 2nd golf bag. Your putting fitting/lesson, new putter and practice have made a significant improvement in my putting game.  

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David H.

I’m a 12 handicap and decided to use Ken’s club fitting service. After reviewing my swing and testing my clubs, Ken found a big list of problems: irons were too heavy, fairway woods were too light and even my putter was 2 degrees open!! I had my new set of clubs fitted by Ken, and […]

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Mike B.

You have a customer for life! I’d like you to make a sand wedge for me.   765qwerty765

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Stephen M.

First I wanted to tell you that I love my new irons! And you were right on the money with that 48 degree being my gap. It seems a well hit 56 is 75-80 yards, the 48 is 95-100 and the PW is 115-120.  

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